Toro Lawn Mowers

toro zero turn mower

A Rundown of Toro Lawn Mowers

Toro are renowned for outdoor power equipment and make many products for the commercial land industry and for farming purposes.

They have created a brand that is synonymous with quality powered outdoor commercial equipment.

toro walk behind mowe

However Toro is one of the most respected names in lawn mowers today.


Toro History

The company was initially founded as the Toro Motor Company way back in 1914.

It first built tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company.

Toro manufactures and sells turf and landscape maintenance equipment and precision irrigation systems for use by landscape contractors, golf course superintendents, sports fields and grounds managers, as well as individual consumers.

Toro Lawn Mowers

Toro offer push mowers, self propelled walk behind mowers and also zero turn mowers for commercial use.

Toro lawn mowers are used by everyone from the father-of-three in the suburbs of New Jersey to landscaping professionals, who use the machines to groom championship golf courses.

Homeowners Love Toro

Although Toro have built a solid reputation for their innovative and high quality commercial machines they are also loved by residential users.

toro self propelled lawn-mowerFor the homeowner, Toro Lawn Mowers offers push mowers, riding mowers, recycling and mulching mowers, lawn tractors, and even zero-point turning radius mowers.

Toro Lawn Mowers makes machines suitable for nearly every homeowner, no matter what one’s budget and landscaping situation may be.

The most popular of the homeowner models is the recycling mower.

This model offers a variable speed drive train, a 5-year warranty (including a warranty that the mower will start with only two pulls for the duration of the 5 years), a blade brake, and a design that bags, mulches, and discharges very well.

“A well known and widely respected mower, the Toro Lawn Mower can be fond in many golf courses and used by professional gardeners.”

Toro zero turn mower

For the business professional or contractor, Toro Lawn Mowers offers a great line of lawn mowers. T

hey offer large frame, zero-point turning radius riders, compact zero-point riders, and professional walk behind models. Many professionals depend on their Toro machines for their businesses. They feel that without their Toros, their work (and the product that their customers receive) would suffer.

A well-respected Toro in this line is the Z-590 D Series, one of the large, zero-point turners that is powered by a 27 horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel engine.

This Toro lawn mower also boasts a deluxe suspension seat, allowing for maximum comfort for the rider.

Keeping on Course

Toro Lawn Mowers also makes lawn mowers designed to sculpt golf courses and other large expanses of land.

For example, they have several fairway mowers, rough mowers and greens mowers.

In addition, they have models that are designed for trimming and edging around the courses. For the larger areas that do not require the finesse of the course mowers, Toro offers a line of landscaping mowers.

Commercial lawn corporations and small landscaping firms alike utilize Toro mowers for commercial purposes.

Toro have also ventured into the rental arena by offering most of their products for rent to commercial business users.