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Legendary Snapper Lawn Mower

Snapper Lawn Mower offers a legendary name in the lawn mower industry.

For decades, Snapper Lawn Mowers has been one of the top selling, reliable manufacturers of quality residential and commercial lawn mowers.

Snapper Inc


Snapper lawn mowers were originally built by Snapper, Inc. which was a United States company based in McDonough, Georgia. Snapper is now owned by Briggs & Stratton (which is why they use all their engines.


Snapper Inc. manufactured residential and commercial lawn-care and snow-removal equipment over its time trading.

Snapper was known for its high-quality red rear-engine riding mowers which are capable of standing on-end for storage or repairs, and for its invention of the first self-propelled rotary lawn mower.

In its residential line, Snapper offers a variety of models. Their walk-behind mowers are simple to use and are a popular choice for those who have only a small amount of grass to cut. Though they are small and light, they pack a punch. Another type of lawn mower Snapper offers is the rear engine rider.

Snapper actually invented this type of lawn mower.

They were the first to put it on the market, so it is not difficult to understand why it is the number one rear engine lawn mower in America.

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“The great advantage of the Snapper Lawn Mower is the wide variety of mowers they have, the different models make it possible for anyone to find the mower he needs.”

Briggs & Stratton

Now that Briggs & Stratton own Snapper the Snapper range also includes some legendary line of zero-turn mowers.

briggs stratton Snapper Lawn MowerThe high-end model, the 450Z, offers twin level controls for comfort, fan-cooled dual pumps and wheel motors, 11-inch front caster wheels with 20-inch rear wheels, and two seven-gallon fuel tanks, for a total of 14 gallons.

You can ride this baby all day. Snapper’s residential mowers offer incredible maneuverability, speed, and dexterity, at an affordable price.

Snapper’s commercial lawn mowers are also generally recognized to be some of the best in the industry.

They offer some interesting and unique design features. For example, most commercial Snapper lawn mowers utilize field serviceable spindles, which allow one to rebuild the spindle with common tools while it is still attached to the deck.


Snapper also offers a dual hydrostatic system on their commercial mowers.

This system provides fluid maneuverability for even large machines. Snapper also uses heavy, seven-gauge steel, in its welded frames.

These provide tremendous strength and support.


Snapper Walk Behind Mowers

One of the most impressive of the commercial Snapper lawn mowers is the Pro Express Walk-Behind.

This model features either a 13 or 15 horsepower motor, a 5-speed transmission, electric clutch blade engagement, and up to a 48 inch cutting deck.

This lawn mower will make light work of any rough terrain.

The 32 inch snapper pro

The Snapper Pro 32″ Cut in Action

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