Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

self propelled mower

A Survey of the Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

One of the easiest and simplest methods for cutting your grass is not the noisy and cumbersome riding mower, but the self-propelled walk behind mower.

A typical self propelled mowerUsually, self propelled lawn mowers require the operator to squeeze a lever, which activates the drive system.

As a safety precaution, when the operator lets go of the lever, the mower stops. This prevents the mower from escaping the control of the user and doing damage to persons or property.

In the more expensive self propelled lawn mowers, only the blade stops spinning, not the motor.

Why Self Propelled?

This is nice if do not want the mower to turn off, but would like to skip a patch of grass or transport the mower over gravel or other debris.

“The Self Propelled Lawn Mower will provide the best service to those who have special needs, and if you are planning on making certain adjustments to your lawn, this is the kind you should think about.”

Several factors you should consider when purchasing a new self-propelled lawn mower have to do with the area you are planning to mow. If your yard has quite a slope to it, or if it undulates more than most, you may want to invest in a mower with large rear wheels, which allow for easier movement over rough terrain.

If you plan to change speeds, you will want to purchase a mower with a transmission.

This would be appropriate for a yard with different types of terrain, like a few hills and a large, open expanse of land. Another factor to consider is the engine.

If you get a self-propelled lawn mower with an engine that is too small for your purposes, it may quickly bog down under strenuous conditions, like that fist long cut of the spring or a steep incline.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are available with a variety of features.

You can get the mulching bags in the rear or to the side. Placing the bag on the side often allows for greater visibility, but the rear mounted placement offers greater maneuverability. You should also check on the height adjustments.

Some mowers require the use of four separate levers, while some do it all with just one.

Here are two examples one low end and the other high end of self propelled lawn mowers you can buy online:

The Commercial Predator Wide Are Cut Zero Turn Walk Behind

Swisher made the Predator for people who wanted a walk behind lawn mower that had all the same capabilities as a big zero turn riding mower but without the bulk or running costs.

This commercial walk-behind mower is amazing for commercial users but it has also grown in popularity with homeowners who love its power, maneuverability and ease of use.

The commercial swisher predator


The Snapper Self Propelled Ninja

Snapper self propelled ninja

The Snapper Ninja is a 21″ self propelled walk-behind lawn mower.

It is at the cheaper end of the walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower range but is still a great machine.

A ninja is a great choice for all fans of mulching.

The NINJA® walk-Behind mower’s has a powerful blade with 6 cutting surfaces that finely mulches your grass clippings. The clippings are then blown back onto your lawn to feed the roots.

This is a  21″ Lawn Mower which features a rear wheel drive system.

The high 10″ rear wheels offer superior traction on hills and thick grass when compared to similar machines in its class.

A powerful Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV Engine keeps offers some professional-grade features like the great ReadyStart® technology.