MTD lawn mowers

MTD Mower

MTD lawn mowers

MTD was established in the year 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio and was a supplied for a locally based manufacturing company. Working hard and making sure that each tool was created with the best quality materials, MTD earned a good reputation that allowed it to diversify and enter into steel stampings.

MTD then started providing supplies to toy companies and soon started providing tools for tricycles as well. Soon, wheelbarrows were added which had a positive impact on the consumers.

MTD Push Lawn MowerDue to encouragement and support, MTD then diversified into lawn care equipment in 1958. They then began to produce lawnmowers.

Brands offered by MTD include White Outdoor, McCulloch, Bolens, Yard Machines, Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet. Contrary to popular opinion they do not offer Toro mowers.

These brands have a good reputation and therefore, depending on them for your lawn care equipment needs can prove to be beneficial in MTD lawn mowersa number of ways. Good quality as well as customer service ensures that the customer is not only satisfied but also happy with the company.

The following advantages are offered when one chooses to use MTD lawn mowers:

The lawn mowers created by MTD hold Honda or Briggs&Stratton engines. These companies are known throughout the world and have good reputations. Therefore, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Good quality as well as durability is offered.

The MTD Lawn Mower Range

Lawn mowers offered by MTD have back tires that are 12 inches wide. This allows the lawn mower to work through grass growing on uneven, hilly as well as rugged areas.

The lawn mowers created by MTD can be bought from Wal-Mart and Lowes. These stores are located in almost every country and therefore, such lawn mowers are easy to find and purchase. This becomes all the more beneficial in case you wish to return the machine as you will not have to travel long distances to do so.

Warranty is covered by MTD. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the warranty card and fill it out with proper details. Free service will help you in the long run as added costs are reduced.

MTD spare parts that are required for replacement of the original parts are easily available. The local Wal-Mart and Lowes holds every kind of spare mart, making their purchase easy and convenient. However, in case you are not able to do so, MTD spare parts are available online as well and can be bought without much difficult from a number of online stores.

MTD Riding Lawn Mower

Even though MTD has its advantages, it also holds a number of limitations. Naturally, both benefits and limitations must be kept in mind before making a purchase.

mtd riding mower

Disadvantages include:

As has already been mentioned, MTD grew over the years by creating such products and spare parts that are not only durable but also of good quality.

However, a number of customers have found faults with the transaxle and the back-end frame. This has especially been the case with those models that are inexpensive.

The safety measures with respect to the transaxle have been the concern of a number of customers.

This is because the transaxle does not offer braking abilities or disengagement of the blades.

Many customers also make the mistake of choosing the wrong model, even though they know what they want to buy. Therefore, paying attention to details and making sure that you buy what you need is extremely important.

On the whole, MTD is a company that has proven its excellence over the years.

It not only provides machines and spare parts at an affordable price but also makes sure that the customer is satisfied.

The MTD model that you choose must be at par with your mowing needs which depend on the size of your lawn. Click on the photo models to get a price quote from Amazon.