Lawn Mower Carburetor

Lawn Mower - Carburetor Cleaning

An essential part of the gas powered engine is the carburetor. Basically, if the carburetor is faulty, the engine will be faulty as well. It will not work properly and constantly stop and sputter.

Therefore, taking care of the lawn mower carburetor is very important.

Obviously this is not needed on electric or cordless lawn mowers.

Cleaning the carburetor:

The first step is to turn the fuel line off. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning a carburetor is not as difficult as it may seem.

clean engine carburetorA nut is present below the carburetor which must be removed. After you remove this nut, the lower portion of the carburetor must be pulled off.

The inner part of this bottom portion must then be clean thoroughly after which the float valve must be checked to make sure that it moves without any difficulty.

The float valve is made of plastic and hangs when the bottom portion of the carburetor is removed.
The lower portion must then be re-attached and the fuel line must be switched on again.

The lawn mower must then be restarted. However, if it does not work, it must be taken to a professional as the problem could have gone beyond a faulty carburetor.

More often that not, cleaning the carburetor can prove to be quite successful and if your lawn mower is giving you trouble, this simple procedure can be carried out and your lawn mower will soon be as good as new.

Repairing the lawn mower carburetor:

The first and foremost step towards fixing a lawn mower carburetor is checking the gas to make sure that it is fresh.

cleaning lawn mower carbIf a part of the gasoline is old, that is, form a previous mowing session, it may have transformed into varnish. Therefore, you must remove this gas from the tank till it is dry.

Fresh gas must then be added to the tank.

In order to make sure that the carburetor is completely clean and dry; a cleaning product that is of top quality must be used.

The lawn mower must then be switched on and for about 12 minutes, it must be allowed to run.

The system cleaning product that was added previously will move thoroughly through the entire system and will make sure that the engine runs smoothly.

Therefore, before you put your lawn mower away, you must make sure that the tank is clean so that effort to clean it is reduced in the next season.

In order to ensure further cleanliness, a fuel stabilizer may also be added to the gas.

When Problems Persist

In case the problem still persists, the air adjustment valve must be located. This is present on the carburetor. It must then be twisted completely to the right side in order to prevent movement. After that, it must be twisted completely to the left side. The manual pull start must then be pulled and you must keep a close eye on the engine.

With the help of the air adjustment valve, the quantity of air that penetrates the carburetor is adjusted.

Therefore, naturally, is this quantity is more than necessary or less than required, the engine will not work properly and stop every few seconds.

It is essential to make sure that a balance is maintained between the fuel and the air that enters the carburetor.

In case the engine still doesn’t run properly, the valve must then be twisted to the left and then observed to see whether the problem is solved.

The air filter must be checked on a regular basis because if it is clogged, the engine will not run smoothly.

Therefore, it must be cleaned thoroughly with the help of warm water and soap. It should then be dried properly so that all the water is removed.