Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

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The Lawn Mower Battery vs. Gasoline Mowers

If you live in major metropolitan area and have a smaller, level yard, it may behoove you to consider the many benefits of a mower that runs on battery power over the traditional gasoline lawn mower. Battery-powered lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes from cordless electrical mowers to automated lawn mowers.

For example, most of them are much lighter than gas powered models.

This is because the materials from which they are made do not have to be as sturdy as that of their bigger cousins.

Battery Power

lawn mower battery

Most battery powered lawn mowers are constructed of a plastic composite material that does provide great strength for its weight. With the reduction in weight comes another advantage: easy maneuverability.

With a lawn mower battery you are more likely to avoid running over that rose bush you worked so hard planting last spring.

“Your lawn mower battery will need some care, just like any other battery, the good news is that if you take care of it you will enjoy it for a long time.”

The noise reduction is also greatly appreciated. A mower with a lawn mower battery runs much quieter than those loud gas mowers.

Also, unlike those first-generation electric lawn mowers, with a battery mower there is no need to lug around a one-hundred-foot extension cord. You are free to roam about your yard with grace and ease.

Most battery powered lawn mowers use a 24 volt battery, which provides plenty of power and ample time (usually about an hour and a half) to cut your grass. And with that powerful battery in your lawn mower comes another advantage: no smelly, high priced gas or oil is needed.

Some battery powered lawn mowers even come with built in mulching capabilities.

Corded vs Cordless Mowers

Corded electrical mowers also come a “mulchers”.corded electric lawn mower


Instead of bagging up those grass clippings, why not get one of these mowers, which mulches the clippings and returns them to your yard where the nutrients can be reused, giving you a better, greener yard with each cut?

Though these mowers are full of benefits, there is one expense to consider when buying a battery powered lawn mower.

If you are using a cordless mower then eventually the battery will lose some of its recharging capabilities and will have to be replaced, which may prove to be expensive.

This is not a problem with a corded electric mower and the battery draws its power directly from the socket without storing it – this puts less stress on the battery and thus gives it a longer life.

Obviously the benefit of a cordless mower over a corded mower is the range at which you can cut using it. Though corded mowers come with very lengthy cable you still need access to an electrical output socket.

Many people also complain that the cord gets in their way as they mow and before safety measure were put in place some people actually received an electric shock when they accidentally mowed over their corded lawn mower cord.