Cordless lawn mowers

cordless mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are operated with the help of batteries.

They are also known as cordless electric mowers and possess such batteries that are rechargeable.

However, you must be aware of the number of batteries that must be used before purchasing a cordless lawn mower because its operation and functioning depends on this feature.

Even though cordless lawn mowers can prove to be quite expensive, they are cost effective in the sense that cost is reduced over a period of time when compared to gas lawn mowers that require the individual to buy gas almost every other day.

black decker cordless electric lawn mowerCordless lawn mowers are usually recommended for those who own large gardens and do not have extra time on their hands.

The cutting height of the machine can be adjusted according to the length of the grass you wish to cut.

Neighbor Friendly Mowers

The major benefit of using cordless lawn mowers is the reduction of excessive noise and smells.

Mess is also reduced.

Those who use electric mowers with cables tend to experience difficulties as this cord comes in the way and can also cause injuries due to the same reason.

Using a cordless lawn mower can be done in two ways.

It can either be used as a regular lawn mower and a clipping bag be attached to it or it can also be used for mulching due to the presence of a mulching plate.

The machine comes equipped with such attachments.

Therefore, the high price is understood as these parts are not cheap.

However, they can prove to be quite effective in the long run and must definitely be tried out.

It has been said that are cordless lawn mower works as well as, if not better, than a gas lawn mower.
One must purchase a cordless lawn mower only if:

  • Your lawn is not too large and is flat
  • You have the time and the resources to mow on a regular basis
  • You have the time to charge the battery
  • As the cordless lawn mower comes equipped with a mulching plate, leaf removal is made easy.

Benefits of a cordless lawn mower:

Ego cordless lawn mower1-Cutting grass and leaf removal can be carried out with the help of a single machine
2-As no cords are present, mess as well as injuries are reduced. Unpleasant smell due to the emission of gas is also removed.
3-As cordless lawn mowers are quiet, noise pollution is reduced. Also, as gas is not used, air pollution is also reduced.


1-It does not work as well on lawns that are too large
2-The battery of cordless lawn mowers have to be charged between mowing

As the ozone layer is in danger, more and more people are switching to cordless lawn mowers.

Also, as the mess as well as unpleasant smells are reduced, when compared to gas lawn mowers, people are turning towards cordless lawn mowers.

greenworks cordless mowerHowever, as the battery loses charge quite quickly, it is not recommended for those who own large lawns as they will have to charge the battery repeatedly during mowings.

On an average, the batteries of cordless lawn mowers must be charged every 1 hour.

However, it has been noticed that a large number of batteries must be charged every ½ an hour.

This is considered to be a major disadvantage.

Even though larger batteries can be bought to get rid of this problem, such batteries are expensive and due to their excess weight, it is not recommended that they be used on non-commercial lawn mowers.

Therefore, the size as well as weight of the battery must be kept in mind before buying a battery and both these factors must be kept at a minimum.