Commercial lawn mower

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Those looking to purchase a commercial lawn mower are probably aware of the fact that a number of brands are available for the same. However, it is important that you do your research and find out enough about commercial lawn mowers before you go ahead with the purchase.

This is because lawn mowers can prove to be quite expensive and finding an inexpensive model that provides benefits as well is very important.

Look it Up!

Carrying out research online is most common.

However, if you cannot find enough information on the World Wide Web, you can use your phone and get adequate information about lawn mowers as well as lawn care.

An important tip to keep in mind is that if the commercial lawn mower you wish to buy is available locally, it must be preferred over those that are not.

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Brand Names

Some of the best commercial lawn mowers are made by big brand names. If you are unfamiliar with the key players in lawn mower manufacturing just look at the lawn mowers used in lawn mower racing for some ideas as those guys only use the best equipment.

Therefore, keeping an eye out for the best commercial lawn mowers and finding enough information will tell you that the best brands are:


This brand includes models such as Tiger Cub, Turf Tiger, Wildcat and Toot Tiger. Scag is owned by Scag Power Equipments.

2-Ever Ride

This brand includes models like Hornet, Warrior, Wasp HP, YJ, Scorpion FX and other Scorpion models. Ever Ride is owned by Ariens Corporation.

3-John Deere

This brand includes Z-Trak models.

John Deere riding lawn mowers

It is owned by Deere and Company.



This brand includes LazerZ models.

It is owned by Exmark Manufcaturing Company.



This brand includes Z-master models.

It is owned by The Toro Company.


6-Cub Cadet

cub cadet zero turn mower with leversThis brand includes models such as Enforcer, RZT models and the Z-Force.

It is owned by Cub Cadet.


This brand includes IS models and are considered to be much better than other brands.

It is owned by Ferris Industries.


This brand includes ZOOM models.

It is owned by Ariens Corporation and even though the commercial lawn mowers manufactured by Arients are smaller, they considered to be effective.


This brand includes models such as the Super Mini Z, Super Z models and Fastrak. It is owned by Excel Hustler.

Even though other brands such as Echo, Reel, Gravely and Grasshopper are available as well, they are not preferred or recommended those who need it for small moving jobs.

Brands like Gravely and Grasshopper are recommended for those who need to carry out large mowing jobs such as the maintenance of golf courses.

Other Big Names

However, just to keep in mind, the following are the particulars of Echo, Reel, Gravely and Grasshopper:


This brand is usually recommended for those looking for brushcutting It is owned by Allpower Industries Pvt. Ltd which is a company based in Australia.


This brand includes models like CL and is usually recommended for the maintenance of large field such as golf courses, baseball fields, football and soccer fields. It is owned by Locke Turfe Corporation.


This brand includes models like ZT and XTZ and can prove to be quite expensive. It is owned by Ariens Corporation.


This brands offers a number of models and is owned by Moridge Manufacturing.

Other popular brands that offer commercial lawn mowers include:
 Husqvarna Riders R 3181-Husqvarna
5-Murray Commercial
6-Troy-Bilt Commercial
10-Wheel Horse
11-Snapper Commercial
12-Lawn Boy Commercial
13-Craftsman Commercial

What Now?

The above mentioned brands may not be available locally. However, one can purchase the same from online stores.

As mentioned before, it is extremely important to carry out adequate research before purchasing a commercial lawn mower as some of the models can be quite expensive.

The purpose for purchase must also be kept in mind- that is, is it for a large area or a smaller lawn?