Lawn Mower Racing

The Exciting World of Lawn Mower Racing

Are you tired of putting along on that worn-out riding mower, clipping grass at a snail’s pace? It may be time to check out one

ready steady mow

of the fastest growing sports in recent years: mower racing.

Some modifications make it possible to attain speeds of over sixty miles per hour on a mower.

But it is advised that if you take it to that level, you should move your mower off of your green grass and to the local dirt track or drag strip, where lawn mower racing is becoming a popular and structured sport.

United States Lawn Mower Racing Association

For example, there is even a national organization for mower racing with over seven hundred members, known as the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association.

2017 say there 25th year anniversary!

USA lawn mower association

They sponsor different kinds of races, from expert to amateur races, which are open to anyone who owns a lawn mower.

However, unless you are an Olympic sprinter, you had better leave that push mower at home.

These guys are serious.

“Racing Lawn Mowers sounds like a joke, but once you try it you will be hooked, extremely addictive and great fun, this is one race you don’t want to miss out on.”


This is such a huge enterprise that a lot of money is spent on the lawn mowers, lawn mower upgrades and on lawn mower repair.

British Lawn Mower Racing Association

Mower racing apparently has its roots in a British pub called the Cricker’s Arms.

British lawn mower racing association

In 1973 a group of buzzed chaps, sipping pints and bemoaning the financial costs of motor sports, realized that nearly all of them owned a mower and could use them to race; it had a motor, four wheels, and a steering wheel, they reasoned-the only necessary elements for racing.

Thus, the British Lawn Mower Racing Association was born, and along with it, mower racing as a whole.

If you are interested in mower racing there are some things you may want to do.

For example, the rules of racing are different depending on where you are competing. B

e sure to check with your local chapter for what is allowed and what is not.

Go to a meeting and talk to those who are already involved; most racers are very welcoming and will do whatever they can to recruit new members, almost to the point of working on your mower for you!

lawn mower racing vehicle

Epic Lawn Mower Race Battle

Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

The Lawn Mower Battery vs. Gasoline Mowers

If you live in major metropolitan area and have a smaller, level yard, it may behoove you to consider the many benefits of a mower that runs on battery power over the traditional gasoline lawn mower. Battery-powered lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes from cordless electrical mowers to automated lawn mowers.

For example, most of them are much lighter than gas powered models.

This is because the materials from which they are made do not have to be as sturdy as that of their bigger cousins.

Battery Power

lawn mower battery

Most battery powered lawn mowers are constructed of a plastic composite material that does provide great strength for its weight. With the reduction in weight comes another advantage: easy maneuverability.

With a lawn mower battery you are more likely to avoid running over that rose bush you worked so hard planting last spring.

“Your lawn mower battery will need some care, just like any other battery, the good news is that if you take care of it you will enjoy it for a long time.”

The noise reduction is also greatly appreciated. A mower with a lawn mower battery runs much quieter than those loud gas mowers.

Also, unlike those first-generation electric lawn mowers, with a battery mower there is no need to lug around a one-hundred-foot extension cord. You are free to roam about your yard with grace and ease.

Most battery powered lawn mowers use a 24 volt battery, which provides plenty of power and ample time (usually about an hour and a half) to cut your grass. And with that powerful battery in your lawn mower comes another advantage: no smelly, high priced gas or oil is needed.

Some battery powered lawn mowers even come with built in mulching capabilities.

Corded vs Cordless Mowers

Corded electrical mowers also come a “mulchers”.corded electric lawn mower


Instead of bagging up those grass clippings, why not get one of these mowers, which mulches the clippings and returns them to your yard where the nutrients can be reused, giving you a better, greener yard with each cut?

Though these mowers are full of benefits, there is one expense to consider when buying a battery powered lawn mower.

If you are using a cordless mower then eventually the battery will lose some of its recharging capabilities and will have to be replaced, which may prove to be expensive.

This is not a problem with a corded electric mower and the battery draws its power directly from the socket without storing it – this puts less stress on the battery and thus gives it a longer life.

Obviously the benefit of a cordless mower over a corded mower is the range at which you can cut using it. Though corded mowers come with very lengthy cable you still need access to an electrical output socket.

Many people also complain that the cord gets in their way as they mow and before safety measure were put in place some people actually received an electric shock when they accidentally mowed over their corded lawn mower cord.


Automatic Lawn Mower

If you have a lawns or garden, one of the most annoying things to do to keep it maintained is mowing the grass. It takes a lot of effort and time to do this. It is also hard work and can be tough under the sun. Manual lawn mowers also can encounter different problems along the way such as the grass getting stuck.

If this happens you would have to remove it first and that is the only time you can continue trimming the grass.

Now, this will not be a problem anymore for homeowners.

Robot Lawn Mowers

There is now a automatic lawn mower available in the market. These types of mowers are sometimes called robotic lawn mowers.

These mowers allow the homeowner to just sit down relax and have this machine do all the work.

The robomow RC306The big question about an automatic mower is its efficiency.

This mower actually cuts grass in a crisscross pattern which allows it to touch all angles to make it more accurate and to have good results. In one charge of its battery it can cut almost an acre of grass.

This lawn mower is so smart that it actually detects trees or anything that can block it and divert around it.

There will be no problem at all with the different slopes in your garden or backyard as it will just continue mowing as it is programmed.

You can program this mower to run and a specific amount of time and even the day. So this is a great way not to forget cutting the grass because the automatic mower is the solution to that because it will cut when you want it to cut.

How it Works

You just have to establish a parameter within your grounds.

There will be fine wire included in the package of this mower and you have to encircle it so that the owner will be able to keep track of the area it will have to cut. If you think that this is noisy then you are wrong. This mower works silently and also saves you money from gasoline or oil.

It is environment friendly so it certainly is a good buy for any homeowner.

An automatic lawn mower is a dream appliance that any homeowner would want.

Now make it into a reality as you can buy this product even on the internet. This lawn mower takes care of your grass not just by keeping it neat but by also depositing clippings all over the garden

The clippings will protect the grass during the dry season while making sure that it has the nutrients the grass need to be healthy.

This is one smart appliance that you will not regret buying as it practically does all the work for your garden trimming. You do not have to dread weekends anymore of cutting grass but you can fully enjoy it with your family.

Now more quality time can be spent with them instead of compiling grueling hours of manual grass cutting. Take advantage of this new innovation now and make your garden always uptight and neat.

Robomow RL850 Robotic Lawn Mower RoboMower RL-850 21″ up to 4 Hours, by Friendly Robotics, 110V Only

RoboMower is the ultimate in mowing convenience. Usually takes only 3 days to deliver after date of shipment.*. Add 220V voltage converter under Recommended Accessories below.

Robomow RL1000 Robotic Lawn Mower

RoboMower with 110 Volt Docking Station* from Friendly Robotics, Rain Sensor and Back Lit DisPlay!

RL1000 – (Added Rain Sensor and Back-Lit Display) RoboMower is the ultimate in mowing convenience. It is a fully automatic lawn mower, designed to mow your lawn completely by itself.

All you have to do is simply press a button and with the RL1000 model, the user doesn’t even have to lift a finger. It is designed for domestic (consumer) lawns and can handle any garden that a traditional gas or electric walk mower can handle, irrespective of the shape and slopes of the garden, obstacles and type of lawn.

robomow RL1000It features a battery powered three blade, 21 inch powerful cutting system equivalent to a 5.5 HP gas mower.

RoboMower is a dedicated mulching mower that mulches better than a traditional mower thanks to it’s Triple-Chamber-Mulching system and the 5800-RPM blade speed, double that of a typical gas mower. Grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried in the roots of the lawn, where they decompose and act like a natural fertilizer.

This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn, and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.
How does it work?

RoboMower requires a one time simple set-up, which can be easily done by the consumer himself. A standard electric wire is laid around the outer edges of the lawn, and attached to the surface of the lawn with pegs every few meters. The wire and pegs are supplied with the unit in the same box.

The wire is connected to a small battery powered current source called the Perimeter Switch (also supplied in the box). Typically the wire will be covered by grass and become unnoticeable in a matter of 2-3 weeks.
RoboMower recognizes the wire using a special sensor, and makes sure it always stays inside.


RoboMower is operated by pressing the green “Go” button on the unit.

It travels on the lawn in a systematic criss-cross pattern covering the lawn several times from side to side to ensure that the entire yard is covered and the grass is cut from several angles. With the RL1000 and its Docking Stations, it’s even easier!

After completing the one-time set-up of wire around the lawn including the Docking Station, set the weekly program and forget about mowing for the entire season!

robomow in actionThe RoboMower will automatically depart at the day and time scheduled and automatically return to the Docking Station to recharge and get ready for the next scheduled operation.

The weekly program can be re-set at any time, if and when required. The Docking Station has a built-in perimeter switch that will turn on automatically when RoboMower is scheduled for operation. At the end of each operation, when the RoboMower returns to the Docking Station, the perimeter switch will turn itself off.

RoboMower is provided with an integral manual controller that is used to drive the unit from the storage area to the lawn before operation and back to storage after operation.

Lawn Mowers

From the automatic lawn mower to mower riding we offer mower buying tips and advice, you can find all your mower tips and advice here.

The mower has certainly changed a lot of lives, once we needed to do this task ourselves and it was not the most anticipated moment, well, all this has changed, as technology found a way to make these mowers incredibly advanced.

The variety of mowers on the market and the significant differences in appearance and functionality is amazing, you will have to do some research before you get yourself a new mower, from old fashioned to high tech modem communicating mowers… this market has changed from what it used to be.

lawn mowerIn some cases you may endulge yourself in a machine that could manicure a golf course, sit on it as a king would sit on his horse while you ride through you backyard (or while racing you mower), on other cases you may very well find yoursefl sitting comfortasbly on the patio and looking at the mower doing the job – by itself. Buying a mower today is a lot of fun.. and using one is even nicer…

The automatic is self-propelled, battery powered mower that can be programmed to cut your grass all by itself. Set its parameters and the time that you would like the lawn to be cut and that is it! Several models can run up to an hour on their high-powered batteries and when they are done, they will return to their docking station to begin charging for its next session.

When thinking of mower riding you need to consider the motor. If you intend on cutting high grass or broom sage, you may want to opt for a higher horsepower model. If you do not need much power, you should go with the standard. The position of the motor in the riding mower is also important. If the motor is in front, typically, it will give you more power.

Where is the Motor?

If the motor is in the back, you will have better visibility. One of the greatest inventions in the recent past for lawn care and landscaping is the zero turn mower. These machines allow for a quicker cut time and easy maneuverability due to an ingenious design.

A zero turn mower uses the rear wheels to turn instead of the front, making them a great departure from the traditional riding mowers.

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The Secrets Of Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers is something every home owner needs, they make our lives easier and our gardens look nicer. If you are an avid gardener you know that there is nothing nicer than a nicely cut lawn and the smell of the freshly cut grass in your garden or backyard.

There are many kinds of mowers in the market, some of them are amongst the most famous and household names and some a relatively new and modern, if you are on the market for a new lawn mower you should learn the basic differences between the lawn mowers.

The automatic lawn mower is a nice option for many, it will use a lawn mower battery which is an upgrade from the previously used gas operated mower, lawn mower batteries will need some care and maintenance. The self propelled lawn mower, Toro lawn mower and the Zero Turn lawn mower are all famous for their quality and their features.

If you own a lawn mower and would like to look for lawn mower parts and lawn mower repair you should learn the parts costs and what are the basic repairs of the mower. One new use of the lawn mower is for riding, the riding lawn mower has become a sport for many, and lawn mower racing is fast becoming very popular.