The Lawn mower Batteries Guide

Lawn Mowers Batteries

We all know that lawn mowers run on batteries and these batteries may need some replacement once in a while.

Lawn mower batteries are essential for the lawn mower to become efficient with its work. If you already have a weak battery or empties right away then you should think of replacing it to keep your lawn mower at its best condition.

If you do not do this, the old battery might leak and there can be more damage on you lawn mower which means more money to cover the costs.

Battery replacement

Battery replacement is a essential part of lawn mower maintenance, so owners should make sure to check the batter once in a while.

battery replacementThe first you should know when getting a battery is the specific model that fits your lawn mower.

There are different batteries which fits different lawn mowers. You should be able to identify this.

Remember that it is very important that you put in the right battery or it might explode or leak right away.

The leak from batteries is very dangerous and can be hazardous to the health.

Lawn mower owners must understand how the parts work because the batteries can also emit hydrogen than can damage other parts also.


Maintenance is a must for the batteries for a lawn mower so that you will get great performance out of it.

If you try to start the lawn mower, and is already slow in starting then that is the first symptoms of a weakening battery so check it out right away.

You have to learn to see discoloration or bad string or wire connections all the time.

By reading your manual you will be able to find the right battery model for your lawn mower.

These are just a few examples of batteries for lawn mowers.

There is the care of lead acid batteries. This battery needs a lot of maintenance.

The acid in the battery is hydrochloric acid.

Safety First

This should not spill on anyone and if does clean with running water. Make sure the water you put in the battery is distilled water.

lawn mower tractor safetyThe battery works with electrolytes also and do not top up to the brim because it can cause the acid to spill. The next type of battery is the care of ni-cad batteries.

This battery only needs to be checked once it is completely drained.

When it the battery is drained then that is the only time you should recharge to make the battery life last longer.

You should make sure though that this is disposed the right way and not burned because it can explode.

Getting the right lawn mower battery is the key for optimum performance. If you are still unsure let your dealer check your lawn mower so you can get the right one.

Always be safe and follow the maintenance tips and you will be fine.

Batteries are an essential part of lawn mowers so you have to learn to care for it well so that you also protect yourself for possible hazards it can bring.

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Things To Know Before Buying Lawn Mower Parts

If you plan to fix or replace a part in your mower there are things to know

Owning a lawn mower comes with a big responsibility of keeping it working the right way. You have to make sure that there will not be any hindrance for you machine to do it job.

Of course, there can be times it may breakdown but the best solution is still try to repair it and get the parts.

There are some things to know before buying lawn mower parts. It takes some research and effort to make sure that you get the best part to make your lawn mower run properly and efficiently.

First thing you need to do is make sure you are getting the correct part!

The right Tool For The Job

Additionally, once you are sure the part you are looking for is the correct one you should do is to make sure that all the parts that you buy have a warranty.

This is a must.

You do not want to get stuck with a part that may get damaged right away.

You have to make sure you will the ability to replace it or have it fixed for free while it is under warranty.

This is a good way to make sure your investment is protected.

lawn mower parts

you know you are getting the real and appropriate part for your lawn mower.

Secondly, is to know your dealer. It may be a little more expensive to purchase parts from dealers but there will not be any regret when you buy from them because

Dealers are very familiar with lawn mowers so you will be sure to get only the best from them. Next thing you should consider is that; do not let yourself be fooled by companies offering parts at very low prices.

There will be a catch to these parts and you may regret buying them. It is still smart to put in a nice budget for lawn mower parts just to make sure it last longer and this will save you more money in the long run.

New or Used?

Some things you should not when buying lawn mower pats is to get second hand items.

First and foremost you will not know how the previously used items were treated by the previous owner.

You will not know if these items have been fixed already. You may lose more money long term if you but 2nd hand parts. Make sure that you know the right brands and not succumb into buying the cheaper brands.

Make sure of the quality of the parts that you get at all times.

If you are planning to buy a used lawn mower battery be sure to have it checked before you buy to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Last But Not Least

Lastly … never buying out of impulse.

When getting a lawn mower part, you have to compare all the pricing from the different companies. Authorized dealers might have some special promotions you might miss out on.

mower repairDo not buy what you see right away.

So these are some things to know before buying lawn mower parts. It is important to follow them so that you get the best value for your money.

For a lawn mower to work well its part must be apt and good for the machine so getting the right parts is a must.

Study your lawn mower and know the different reputable companies that sell parts so that you can make the right decisions when getting the things you need for your lawn mower.

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Lawn Mower Part Guide

If your lawn mower is not working properly and you are not sure what the problem is, you must make sure that you are aware of every sign or symptom of the problem as this will help you figure out the problem.

In case your lawn mower vibrates when it is in use or the engine refuses to start, it can be because there is not enough fuel in the system.

Other times, it can be because there mix between the air and the fuel is not balanced.

servicing lawn mowerHowever, more often than not, it may still be difficult for you to figure out the exact problem and you may realize that you need to replace a few parts as well as repair others.

Calling in Help

Calling a professional or a technician is recommended in such a case as he will be able to figure out the exact problem.

They also provide useful advice about proper use of lawn mowers and point out the mistakes you have bee making so that they can be avoided in the future and the need for repair can be reduced.

Since you will need to replace lawn mower parts at some time or the other, it is necessary that you are aware of the different aspects of lawn mower parts.

A number of tips must be kept in mind while buying a lawn mower and therefore, the same must be kept in mind while buying spare parts.

In case you need to replace the blades, you must be sure that there is a warranty on the same as it will help you to cut costs in the long run.

cordless lawn mower parts listBuying used lawn mower parts is not recommended. Even though it is inexpensive, it is not cost effective and can end up increasing your costs in the long run.

Naturally, if you purchase a second-hand part, it has been sold for a reason- the reason being that it does not work properly.

Therefore, buying the same will only be foolish.

Get it Right First Time

Even though it can be expensive, it is recommended that you buy the required spare parts form the same manufactures of the lawn mower that you own.

These dealers are not only skilled in the field but also have extreme knowledge about lawn mower parts and will therefore, help you to get a good deal.

Not only that, but they will also make sure that the correct part is sold to you. Since the company will be reputable, you will have peace of mind with respect to credibility and reliability.

Depending on good brands for the purpose of purchasing lawn mower parts is always preferred over buying the same from unknown companies.

Non-brands are definitely cheaper but there is also a definite compromise on quality.

Warranty is also not covered by non-brand products which will unnecessarily increase your costs in the long run.

Therefore, if your lawn mower has been bought from Honda, its spare parts must be bought from Honda as well.

Avoid Cheap Alternatives

Avoid cheap crapThose companies that do not look professional and promise to sell inexpensive lawnmower parts of excellent quality must be avoided.

The only exception to this rule applies when it comes to lawn mower batteries; you do not need to buy a brand name battery unless your mower will only house that particular one – a cheaper option will do just as well.

It will most likely be a scam and you will get scammed into buying a faulty spare part.

Naturally, if you depend on a good brand, you will not only have the satisfaction of purchasing a product that meets safety standards but you will also be able to receive regular follow ups.

Therefore, one must first check lawn mower parts thoroughly and then resort to repair after which new parts must be bought.

Choosing the right company will benefit you in the long run and make sure that the life of your lawn mower is increased.

Lawn Mower Carburetor

An essential part of the gas powered engine is the carburetor. Basically, if the carburetor is faulty, the engine will be faulty as well. It will not work properly and constantly stop and sputter.

Therefore, taking care of the lawn mower carburetor is very important.

Obviously this is not needed on electric or cordless lawn mowers.

Cleaning the carburetor:

The first step is to turn the fuel line off. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning a carburetor is not as difficult as it may seem.

clean engine carburetorA nut is present below the carburetor which must be removed. After you remove this nut, the lower portion of the carburetor must be pulled off.

The inner part of this bottom portion must then be clean thoroughly after which the float valve must be checked to make sure that it moves without any difficulty.

The float valve is made of plastic and hangs when the bottom portion of the carburetor is removed.
The lower portion must then be re-attached and the fuel line must be switched on again.

The lawn mower must then be restarted. However, if it does not work, it must be taken to a professional as the problem could have gone beyond a faulty carburetor.

More often that not, cleaning the carburetor can prove to be quite successful and if your lawn mower is giving you trouble, this simple procedure can be carried out and your lawn mower will soon be as good as new.

Repairing the lawn mower carburetor:

The first and foremost step towards fixing a lawn mower carburetor is checking the gas to make sure that it is fresh.

cleaning lawn mower carbIf a part of the gasoline is old, that is, form a previous mowing session, it may have transformed into varnish. Therefore, you must remove this gas from the tank till it is dry.

Fresh gas must then be added to the tank.

In order to make sure that the carburetor is completely clean and dry; a cleaning product that is of top quality must be used.

The lawn mower must then be switched on and for about 12 minutes, it must be allowed to run.

The system cleaning product that was added previously will move thoroughly through the entire system and will make sure that the engine runs smoothly.

Therefore, before you put your lawn mower away, you must make sure that the tank is clean so that effort to clean it is reduced in the next season.

In order to ensure further cleanliness, a fuel stabilizer may also be added to the gas.

When Problems Persist

In case the problem still persists, the air adjustment valve must be located. This is present on the carburetor. It must then be twisted completely to the right side in order to prevent movement. After that, it must be twisted completely to the left side. The manual pull start must then be pulled and you must keep a close eye on the engine.

With the help of the air adjustment valve, the quantity of air that penetrates the carburetor is adjusted.

Therefore, naturally, is this quantity is more than necessary or less than required, the engine will not work properly and stop every few seconds.

It is essential to make sure that a balance is maintained between the fuel and the air that enters the carburetor.

In case the engine still doesn’t run properly, the valve must then be twisted to the left and then observed to see whether the problem is solved.

The air filter must be checked on a regular basis because if it is clogged, the engine will not run smoothly.

Therefore, it must be cleaned thoroughly with the help of warm water and soap. It should then be dried properly so that all the water is removed.

The Basics of Lawn Mower Repair

When you spend a lot of money on garden equipment it is a good idea to look after that expensive investment. However, no matter how well we look after our stuff sometimes things just go wrong.

lawn mower repairWhether it is due to wear and tear, age or just harsh working conditions even the hardest of equipment can succumb to  the rigors of hard work.

It is at times like those when some basic repair skills can be invaluable saving you time and money by not having to get a professional to haul your machine away to fix it at a price.

Lawn Mowers

During the mowing season, most of us pour some gas in our mower, turn the key, and hope the blades spin just as they did last year.

What happens when they don’t?

Well, you could take it to a lawn mower repair center, but why not try to repair the lawn mower yourself?

Basic Mower Repair Skills

There are several things to consider when repairing your lawn mower, depending on the problem you are having. First, if your mower fails to start you should immediately check to see if there is gasoline in the tank.

repairing lawn mower

In addition, if you are using your lawn mower for the first time in a season you may want to replace that old gas with fresh gas.

Repeatedly, some people will dismantle an entire engine before they come to the realization that there is no gas in the tank, ripping out spark plugs and blowing out the carburetor.



“In many cases the lawn mower repairs you need to make are small and not complicated, but if you find its something major you will need the help of an expert.”

Another staple of mower repair involves maintenance.


Basic Maintenance

To avoid needing a repair in the first place you should learn some basic maintenance skills.

spark plug cleaningStart by cleaning the spark plugs.

Remove the plugs from their sockets and use a wire brush to clean between the contacts.

Often corrosion will occur here, robbing the engine of the necessary spark required to ignite the gasoline.

The abrasion will remove any corrosion.

Another simple mower repair technique is the replacing of the oil and air filters.

By replacing the oil filter, debris is removed from the inside of the lawn mower engine, allowing for smoother operation. It is also a good idea to change the oil every season.

The air filter, on the other hand, allows the lawn mower to “breathe” better and creates a better air to fuel mixture for the engine to burn.

One of the most neglected aspects of lawn mower repair is the tendency for people to avoid sharpening the blades on a mower.

We all know that with age and wear a blade will become dull, though it is not that difficult a problem.

To repair the blades, you should file the edge of the blades, moving with the grain.

This will reveal new metal and create a sharper edge for easier cutting.

Make sure you have the right lawn mower part before you begin any repair action.