Lawn Mower Part Guide

If your lawn mower is not working properly and you are not sure what the problem is, you must make sure that you are aware of every sign or symptom of the problem as this will help you figure out the problem.

In case your lawn mower vibrates when it is in use or the engine refuses to start, it can be because there is not enough fuel in the system.

Other times, it can be because there mix between the air and the fuel is not balanced.

servicing lawn mowerHowever, more often than not, it may still be difficult for you to figure out the exact problem and you may realize that you need to replace a few parts as well as repair others.

Calling in Help

Calling a professional or a technician is recommended in such a case as he will be able to figure out the exact problem.

They also provide useful advice about proper use of lawn mowers and point out the mistakes you have bee making so that they can be avoided in the future and the need for repair can be reduced.

Since you will need to replace lawn mower parts at some time or the other, it is necessary that you are aware of the different aspects of lawn mower parts.

A number of tips must be kept in mind while buying a lawn mower and therefore, the same must be kept in mind while buying spare parts.

In case you need to replace the blades, you must be sure that there is a warranty on the same as it will help you to cut costs in the long run.

cordless lawn mower parts listBuying used lawn mower parts is not recommended. Even though it is inexpensive, it is not cost effective and can end up increasing your costs in the long run.

Naturally, if you purchase a second-hand part, it has been sold for a reason- the reason being that it does not work properly.

Therefore, buying the same will only be foolish.

Get it Right First Time

Even though it can be expensive, it is recommended that you buy the required spare parts form the same manufactures of the lawn mower that you own.

These dealers are not only skilled in the field but also have extreme knowledge about lawn mower parts and will therefore, help you to get a good deal.

Not only that, but they will also make sure that the correct part is sold to you. Since the company will be reputable, you will have peace of mind with respect to credibility and reliability.

Depending on good brands for the purpose of purchasing lawn mower parts is always preferred over buying the same from unknown companies.

Non-brands are definitely cheaper but there is also a definite compromise on quality.

Warranty is also not covered by non-brand products which will unnecessarily increase your costs in the long run.

Therefore, if your lawn mower has been bought from Honda, its spare parts must be bought from Honda as well.

Avoid Cheap Alternatives

Avoid cheap crapThose companies that do not look professional and promise to sell inexpensive lawnmower parts of excellent quality must be avoided.

The only exception to this rule applies when it comes to lawn mower batteries; you do not need to buy a brand name battery unless your mower will only house that particular one – a cheaper option will do just as well.

It will most likely be a scam and you will get scammed into buying a faulty spare part.

Naturally, if you depend on a good brand, you will not only have the satisfaction of purchasing a product that meets safety standards but you will also be able to receive regular follow ups.

Therefore, one must first check lawn mower parts thoroughly and then resort to repair after which new parts must be bought.

Choosing the right company will benefit you in the long run and make sure that the life of your lawn mower is increased.

Used riding lawn mower

A large number of people tend to rely on walk-behind power lawnmowers but those who own large lawns have begun to depend on riding lawn mowers, garden tractors, lawn tractors and the like. Many retail stores now stock up on zero turn lawn mowers.

used riding mower


Zero turn lawn mowers hold the ability to rotate 180 degrees on the same spot.


Due to this; people are able to cut their grass closer to buildings.


Riding lawn mowers not only allow individuals to cut a larger quantity of grass, but also help to make the process quicker and less difficult.

Even though a number of brands offer and manufacture good quality riding lawn mowers, purchasing a used lawn mower can help you save a lot of money. Buying a riding lawn mower can prove to be quite expensive, therefore buying a used riding lawn mower will help those buying on a budget. Buying used riding lawn mowers can prove to be quite easy even though new riding lawn mowers are easier to find.

If you are in the market for a new riding lawn mower you may want to read our buying guide so you find the best riding lawn mower for your needs.

Some of the easiest sources of used riding lawn mowers:

Visiting online websites can prove to be quite beneficial. eBay is one auction site that offers any item in the world- including used riding lawn mowers.

Bidding takes place on a regular basis with the help of which items are bought and sold. Therefore, finding a used riding lawn mower that offers good service is easily available on eBay.

Classified advertisements that are published in newspapers can also be referred to for the purpose of buying used riding lawn mowers.

used riding lawn mowerA number of classified advertisements are present in newspapers that cover buyer as well as seller needs.

Classified advertisements are also available online, making it easier to look for a seller who lives closer to your house, making it all the more convenient.

This helps to save time as well as effort and also beneficial in the sense that you can have a look at the riding lawn mower before finalizing the purchase.

Going through online message boards and online forums that discuss topics related to lawn care and lawn equipment is also recommended.

You will notice that a large number of people wish to sell their equipment here. It also helps to interact with people looking to purchase or sell the same. Getting tips from customers who have used the equipment can also prove to be beneficial in the sense that it will help you to avoid certain mistakes.

Once you are sure about the machine that you want to purchase, you must make sure that it is exactly what you want.

You must examine is properly before buying it.

If you are not sure about the technicalities associated with its working, it is recommended that you ask for the manual that came along with the original machine or ask a technician for help.

used riding lawn mowers

While buying a used riding lawn mower, you must ask the seller a number of questions.

These include:

1) Factors related to the guarantee of the mower.
2) Factors related to those parts that have been replaced and their cost.
3) Factors related to the reason for sale.
4) You must also ask the owner about the number of times that the machine needs to be serviced and the shop where it can be done for minimum costs.
5) The running cost of the machine must also be kept in mind and therefore, you must ask the owner about the amount of gas it requires in order to run smoothly.

You must make sure that you get adequate information about the machine before purchasing it as it can help you save a lot of money in the present as well as the future.

How to Buy A Used Lawn Tractor Riding Mower

Electric Lawn Mower

Technology was the reason why the world is on the verge of being destroyed and now, it has been the primary force in creating ways to be environment friendly in every way, say for example, even when cutting your grass.

Unlike, the conventional lawnmower which uses gas to function, the Electric Lawn Mower.

Environmentally-Friendly Mowing

Like any other electronically driven device, it uses nothing but electricity and will not leave carbon footprints.

It has the same concept with electric cars, and other electrical device.

Ego cordless lawn mowerSo if you wanted to learn more about this, I will give you some of the juiciest details around about this subject matter. So what I want you to do are to stop searching it elsewhere.

You don’t have to search it; you don’t have to do nothing at all. Just sit back and read through this article and it would be enough to fill you in with the low down about Electric Lawn Mower.

These new technological advancement are very efficient.

All of them are push mowers, the one that we push around, and ideal for smaller yards. They are very much beneficial to our environment.

These devices are easy to clean and won’t give you the need to purchase fuel. The idea behind this is to have a lawn mower that would be dependent on electricity rather than to fuel.

With the situation of the planet today, it is only just and right that manufacturers aim on making their devices run on electricity or much better if it would be run on solar energy.

Electrical Lawn Mower Black and Decker

By doing so, you are not only making things more efficient and cheaper, you are also contributing a lot to the good of the environment.

electric blank and deckerYou don’t have to be an environmentalist just to help; all you have to do is lessen the use of things that might hurt the planet, like the Electric Lawn Mower.

As simple as that.

There are numerous benefits of using electrically powered lawn mowers over the conventional ones. For you to have an idea here are the benefits that are most significant:

Helps in keeping the environment clean and green. Using gas powered mowers for an hour causes more pollution than a car that is driven for 150 miles.

The electrically – powered one uses less energy to function.

Ease of use.

You don’t have to worry about starting it like what you do with conventional mowers; the electric lawn mower could be started by just pushing a button.

It doesn’t also need oil changes and tune ups and it is very silent when it operates.

For extrerobot mowerme mobility and portability, there are brand of electrically – powered lawn mowers that are battery operated.

These are new models that are powered by 4 to 4 rechargeable 12 volt batteries.

This is a bit expensive compared to the corded version, but think about the money you would save on this, plus it is portable.

So now you know the benefits of having an electric lawn mower in your place, you should definitely get one.

Commercial lawn mower

Those looking to purchase a commercial lawn mower are probably aware of the fact that a number of brands are available for the same. However, it is important that you do your research and find out enough about commercial lawn mowers before you go ahead with the purchase.

This is because lawn mowers can prove to be quite expensive and finding an inexpensive model that provides benefits as well is very important.

Look it Up!

Carrying out research online is most common.

However, if you cannot find enough information on the World Wide Web, you can use your phone and get adequate information about lawn mowers as well as lawn care.

An important tip to keep in mind is that if the commercial lawn mower you wish to buy is available locally, it must be preferred over those that are not.

big brands lawn mowers

Brand Names

Some of the best commercial lawn mowers are made by big brand names. If you are unfamiliar with the key players in lawn mower manufacturing just look at the lawn mowers used in lawn mower racing for some ideas as those guys only use the best equipment.

Therefore, keeping an eye out for the best commercial lawn mowers and finding enough information will tell you that the best brands are:


This brand includes models such as Tiger Cub, Turf Tiger, Wildcat and Toot Tiger. Scag is owned by Scag Power Equipments.

2-Ever Ride

This brand includes models like Hornet, Warrior, Wasp HP, YJ, Scorpion FX and other Scorpion models. Ever Ride is owned by Ariens Corporation.

3-John Deere

This brand includes Z-Trak models.

John Deere riding lawn mowers

It is owned by Deere and Company.



This brand includes LazerZ models.

It is owned by Exmark Manufcaturing Company.



This brand includes Z-master models.

It is owned by The Toro Company.


6-Cub Cadet

cub cadet zero turn mower with leversThis brand includes models such as Enforcer, RZT models and the Z-Force.

It is owned by Cub Cadet.


This brand includes IS models and are considered to be much better than other brands.

It is owned by Ferris Industries.


This brand includes ZOOM models.

It is owned by Ariens Corporation and even though the commercial lawn mowers manufactured by Arients are smaller, they considered to be effective.


This brand includes models such as the Super Mini Z, Super Z models and Fastrak. It is owned by Excel Hustler.

Even though other brands such as Echo, Reel, Gravely and Grasshopper are available as well, they are not preferred or recommended those who need it for small moving jobs.

Brands like Gravely and Grasshopper are recommended for those who need to carry out large mowing jobs such as the maintenance of golf courses.

Other Big Names

However, just to keep in mind, the following are the particulars of Echo, Reel, Gravely and Grasshopper:


This brand is usually recommended for those looking for brushcutting It is owned by Allpower Industries Pvt. Ltd which is a company based in Australia.


This brand includes models like CL and is usually recommended for the maintenance of large field such as golf courses, baseball fields, football and soccer fields. It is owned by Locke Turfe Corporation.


This brand includes models like ZT and XTZ and can prove to be quite expensive. It is owned by Ariens Corporation.


This brands offers a number of models and is owned by Moridge Manufacturing.

Other popular brands that offer commercial lawn mowers include:
 Husqvarna Riders R 3181-Husqvarna
5-Murray Commercial
6-Troy-Bilt Commercial
10-Wheel Horse
11-Snapper Commercial
12-Lawn Boy Commercial
13-Craftsman Commercial

What Now?

The above mentioned brands may not be available locally. However, one can purchase the same from online stores.

As mentioned before, it is extremely important to carry out adequate research before purchasing a commercial lawn mower as some of the models can be quite expensive.

The purpose for purchase must also be kept in mind- that is, is it for a large area or a smaller lawn?